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Grubbrr POS Self-service kiosks are straightforward and help customers and employees have more efficient and pleasant experiences. Customers can customize orders, verify choices, and indicate where they would like to get their order (their car, a stadium seat, or wherever else your business can bring their items). Grubbrr’s self-ordering kiosks even allow groups to split orders and payments, speeding up end-of-service. Grubbrr kiosks will not only take all credit card payment types, but they will also take cash payments. Need to expedite your dining operation? Restaurant self-service kiosk orders go straight to the kitchen, eliminating delays and miscommunications. Self-ordering kiosks free up employees from constantly taking orders, allowing businesses to consider other options for workers like delivery services and professional development. With a self-service kiosk, your business can run with a smaller and more efficient team.

Accept All Payments Including Contactless

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Upgrade Your POS System

Receive a FREE Grubbrr POS station when you sign up and purchase a Grubbrr Kiosk. JaimePOS will also provide the lowest integrated payment processing rates, free setup, free menu programming, free installation, and free training.

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Designed to Make Your Business Better

Instantly Increase Revenue

Algorithmically-calculated upsells recommend targeted products to increase average ticket sizes, exciting customers.

Decrease Labor Costs

Kiosks send orders straight to the kitchen, eliminating human error and allowing staff to focus intently on order fulfillment.

Best Customer Experience

Customers have total autonomy over selecting, customizing, and updating their order throughout the transaction.

Perfect for Busy Industries Such As:

breakfast restaurant NU


Say goodbye to slow lines and wasted money. With our self-order kiosks, restaurants like yours can eliminate inefficiencies, boost revenue, and put the power back into your customers’ hands.


Stadiums & Arenas

Cut down the crowds and boost your bottom line with self-service technology that keeps your guests out of line and in the game. Give customers the option to order from their seat.

Slot machines

Casinos / Gaming

Keep your guests at the tables with hassle-free casino kiosk technology that brings the food and drinks to them.

amusement park

Amusement Parks

Meet the ultimate ordering solution. Our self-ordering food kiosks for amusement parks keep lines short, orders accurate, and customers happy.

Grubbrr POS

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Ready to Build Your Grubbrr POS?

Customize your Kiosk POS system the way your business operates. Add a POS station, mobile portable POS, kitchen display, menu board, food locker, or even online ordering. All Grubbrr devices sync and work together. Mobile and stationary devices are customized to your needs. Add more devices at any time. Order or talk to us about your ideal device and plan options. 

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Why choose JaimePOS over anyone else?

JaimePOS offers the best credit card processing rates, affordable POS solutions, the best-in-class point-of-sale systems and terminals along with unmatched customer service.
Moreover, JaimePOS offers tons of ways to help you update old hardware and software from zero to low cost to you. Therefore, even offers the old POS Swap Program. Switch to JaimePOS now and start saving money on your credit card processing rates. Most importantly, our mission is to provide merchants with fair, honest rates that will not be sneakily increased over time.
 If you’re ready to save money and/or need help choosing a point-of-sale solution that will meet your business’s needs, then give us a call or send a text, (909) 395-7313, and we will gladly provide a tailored POS solution suited for your business type.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, Grubbrr’s software comes preinstalled and your menu provided to us is loaded into your POS by JaimePOS.
Simply put, the GRUBBRR Kiosk never calls out sick, it shows up on time for work, and it may even help you upsell items to your customers! Additionally, the GRUBBRR Kiosk allows customers to enter their own order which minimizes the chance for error. Moreover, it allows for a contactless customer experience.
Yes, with the click of a button you can create reports based on your sales, employees, specific items, and/or your customers.

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