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Alleviate Staff Shortage Issues with PayLink

PayLink staff shortage Blog

As businesses bounce back from the COVID-19 economic downturn, retail shops, bars, restaurants and other food and beverage hospitality merchants are facing a labor shortage crisis. Staffing shortages are driving businesses to reduce operating hours or even close during the week. JaimePOS helps you find new solutions to keep your business operating and growing. Fortify business operations and reduce the need to hire additional front-of-house staff with PayLink Mobile Ordering. PayLink is a simple yet cutting-edge technology that offers strategies to reduce pressure on your wait-staff, streamline your front of house operations, and achieve optimal profitability.

In today’s digital world, nearly every customer has a smart phone, and many customers are accustomed to using their phone to make purchases. Adding PayLink QR code ordering technology gives your customers the ability to order and pay on-demand, without the need for wait staff assistance. With QR ordering technology, a customer can scan a QR code at the table or even in the parking lot, order and pay, without having to stand in line or wait for a server. For fine dining venues where QR ordering may be less appropriate, implementing mobile checkout technology is a great way to boost staff productivity by allowing guests to retrieve their check on their mobile device, add gratuity, and pay.

Offer convenience to all your customers with online ordering for in-store pickup, curbside pickup, and even delivery. Eliminate third-party platform online ordering that require you to pay ridiculously high commission fees. For orders received from third-party platforms, attach promo cards to each takeout bag with a one-time discount code when they order directly through your restaurant’s commission free online ordering system. By advertising a discount code that can only be used with your direct digital ordering platform, you win back these guests and encourage them to do business directly with you, instead of returning to third-party platforms.

Digital solutions like mobile staff ordering and payments and QR codes give your staff the flexibility to juggle more tasks– ultimately boosting their productivity. At the same time, your customers are given the option to order and pay themselves through their own mobile devices, making them less reliant on wait staff to carry out these processes. These solutions strategically minimize the need for wait staff to operate front of house without compromising customer experience. Meanwhile, your business will be empowered to digitally connect with your guests in highly effective and profitable ways.

Contact JaimePOS to get started on implementing a powerful mobile commerce platform that helps food and beverage establishments and other businesses increase sales, decrease expenses and improve customer experiences.

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