JaimePOS is a merchant services company that focuses on providing tailored point of sale solutions and exceptional customer service while helping merchants save money through fair and consistent processing rates. The company places a strong emphasis on integrity, values, and honesty in all of its business practices.

Merchant Service & Point Of Sale Solutions


Our focus on Point-of-Sale technology allows us to provide a comprehensive range of hardware and software options to our merchants. Our supplies, including paper rolls and ink cartridges, are of the highest quality, ensuring that your equipment runs smoothly. We understand the importance of reliable technology in a business, which is why we provide ongoing support and maintenance for our products and services. Our goal is to help your business thrive and we are committed to being there every step of the way. 




Professionalism for us means completing a well-done job and never cutting corners. Standing fully by our products and providing the best solution to help your business grow. We believe in quality, proficiency and reliability. Our focus is to provide our professional knowledge of the best suited POS solution for your business.



We are committed to providing dependable support and developing long-lasting relationships. We hear it all the time — how many dealers sweet talk the whole process of the sale, but as soon as they get the product sold they disappear or can never be reached. Well, JaimePOS is always here to help, support and answer any questions. 



Honesty is the key foundation to building trust and is necessary for merchants to know they can believe our promises and commitments. We are dedicated to providing dependable support and services. Our morals and ethical principals is what allows us to present the best point of sale solutions along with the lowest processing rates.

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JaimePOS is a merchant services business that was founded in 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, but serves businesses in several states including Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, and Washington. The company was started with the goal of helping small businesses by providing honest and fair services, in contrast to the exploitative practices of some other banks and ISO’s. Over time, JaimePOS has grown into an industry-leading payment technology company that prioritizes honesty over profits.

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JaimePOS is Committed to your business's success.

JaimePOS is a comprehensive point of sale solution company that aims to help businesses save money on credit card processing and increase sales volume through various features such as mobile pay, delivery options, loyalty programs, and digital gift cards. The company’s focus on helping businesses stay relevant and thrive is a positive aspect. It could be beneficial for business owners to explore the offerings of JaimePOS and see if they align with their specific needs.

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