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Need to find point-of-sale accessories such as cash drawers, tills, locking tills, displays, barcode scanners, scales, power conditioners, or cables? JaimePOS offers all POS accessories at an affordable price. We carry all accessories for all POS systems we carry.

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Cash Drawers

There are three main types of cash drawer interfaces: printer driven, serial driven, and manually driven. Printer driven drawers plug directly into a receipt printer that will tell the drawer when to open while serial driven drawers are directly connected to your business's POS system.

Customer Facing Display

A customer facing screen or dual screen, is used to show all order information to customers during checkout. The cashier has a POS screen to add items to cart, record customer information. Customers can review items, quantities, tax percentages, and discounts on the customer facing screen.

Power Conditioners

Power conditioners also known as surge protectors, are a great defense against damaging voltage spikes. Power conditioners protect against voltages surges through electrical lines, phone lines, coax TV inputs and LAN connections that can result in the degradation of system performance or system failure.

Weight Scales

Weighing scales are often used at small markets, frozen yogurt shops, candy stores, or any other establishment selling items by weight. When products are placed on these scales, the weight is transmitted to the POS system and then a price is calculated based on the product's price per unit of weight. You can also select a standalone scale.

Need Help Selecting the Right POS Accessories?

Have any questions about which type of POS accessories you need -Scanners, Scales, Power Conditioners, Customer Facing Displays, cables, stands, charging docks or Cash Drawers?

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Why choose JaimePOS over anyone else?

JaimePOS prides itself on offering unmatched credit card processing rates, affordable POS solutions, top-of-the-line point-of-sale systems, and terminals, all complemented by exceptional customer service.
Furthermore, we provide numerous options to assist you in upgrading your outdated hardware and software, ranging from zero to low cost. We even offer the Old POS Swap Program. Make the switch to JaimePOS today and begin enjoying significant savings on your credit card processing rates.
Our primary goal is to furnish merchants with transparent, fair rates that remain consistent over time, without any hidden increases. If you’re ready to save money or require guidance in selecting a point-of-sale solution tailored to your business’s requirements, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via call or text at (909) 395-7313. We’re here to deliver a personalized POS solution perfectly suited to your business type.


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