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Grow Your Business, Boost Sales and Cut Costs Blog

There is no time limit to when a business can or should grow; it doesn’t matter if the business is still in its infancy or 30 years old. What is important is expanding and scaling-up your business to attract new customers and increase yearly revenue. Catering to your customer’s needs and providing a convenient, positive experience when shopping or dinning, will definitely attract more foot-traffic and retain more customers. JaimePOS will help your business implement top-notch checkout services and convenient ordering platforms, all while saving money and not overspending.

Mobile Online Ordering Solution

Own your guest relationship and maintain your margins with our commission-free takeout & curbside pickup Online Ordering. Fire orders directly to your kitchen with an integrated impact printer. Keep guests coming back with integrated Marketing and Loyalty program. Receive direct feedback and ratings from your customers.

QR Code Order & Pay

With QR Code Order & Pay, guests can easily scan a QR code to browse the menu, order, and pay, all from their mobile device. Guests can conveniently modify and submit their own order from their own device, reducing costly comps and voids. Provide an efficient, flexible service model that will help eliminate long lines, reduce wait times, and simplify checkout for guests and staff. Collect guest data on each transaction that can be leveraged to power your marketing and loyalty programs.

Invoicing and Payment Links By Text

Whether you’re a service provider, home-based business, or membership organization, Payment Links Invoicing feature provides an affordable end-to-end solution for requesting and receiving payments online from your billing customers. Customers receive the invoice via a text link which allows them to pay you online by credit or debit card with no additional fees. Invoices can be paid as quickly as invoice is received. Inform customers of payment due and provide a more secure way for them to pay. With streamline reporting, you save time and reduce errors with a digital trail of invoices sent, paid, and pending.

Self-Service Kiosk

Self-ordering kiosks simplify the guest experience in quick service restaurants. Proven to reduce wait times, Self-Service Kiosks put guests in control of their dining experience and free up staff to handle other duties. Guests can place orders independently and customize their meal with available add-on’s and modifiers. Orders are sent directly from self-service kiosks to the kitchen. Encourage loyalty/rewards sign ups during the checkout process.

As contactless ordering and point of sale technology grows more and more, customers seek businesses that bring convenience to their shopping or dining experience. This is why JaimePOS recommends implementing contactless QR Code ordering, Mobile Online Ordering, Invoicing/Payments through text links, Curbside pickup solutions, and even self-service kiosks, without hurting your pocket. Contact us today and we will help you get started for FREE.

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