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POS Software Features Your Business Should Have

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Simplified Menu Management – The process of managing, editing, adding, and deleting items on your POS system should be effortless. It shouldn’t take up an excessive amount of time, especially when adding a single item. The management of modifiers, categories, and items must be smooth and prompt, without complexity that necessitates waiting for an agent’s assistance, or even worse, having an agent do it on your behalf.

Inventory Management – This aspect is crucial for any business as it enables you to monitor popular items, slow-moving items, low stock items, sale items, and more. Maintaining accurate inventory records empowers you to make informed decisions, avoid stock-outs, minimize waste, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Mobile Online Ordering – Following the Covid outbreak, the method of ordering has transformed significantly. Numerous businesses have embraced mobile ordering to facilitate contactless ordering, payment, and even delivery/pickup. Mobile ordering provides customers with a convenient and hassle-free online ordering experience while enabling you to offer a seamless contactless ordering system.

Contactless QR Code Ordering – Tableside ordering enables customers to place and pay for their food and drinks while seated at their table, rather than at a central location like the front counter. This accelerates service speed and enhances table turnover, making it ideal for restaurants. Customers can place orders by scanning a QR code at their table, avoiding the need to wait for a waiter to take their order. Once their order is placed, it is sent directly to the kitchen, and payment can also be made directly from their mobile devices, eliminating the need to wait for a waiter to bring the bill.

Real-time reporting –Having up-to-date reports readily available is critical to support effective decision-making. Real-time reporting enables organizations to access accurate and current information instantaneously, thereby boosting leaders’ confidence in their decision-making abilities. Analyze sales patterns and trends to identify opportunities and challenges, monitor employee performance to identify top-performing sellers, track schedules and hours, and establish system permission levels to maintain control over your most valuable resources.

Employee Management – Monitoring employee labor hours, breaks, and lunches is crucial for effective management. Employee management tools facilitate the setup of permissions, hourly rates, weekly schedules, and the tracking of daily activities, among other features. These tools enable you to maintain a comprehensive record of employee performance, streamline payroll processing, and ensure compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Loyalty Programs & Promotions – Loyalty programs aim to attract and retain customers by providing rewards, discounts, and other incentives. These programs encourage customers to become repeat buyers by offering rewards for their loyalty and continued purchases. Promotions are an additional tool that allows businesses to send special offers, sales, happy hours, and event specials to customers, further incentivizing them to make purchases and stay engaged with the business.

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