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How to Point out Honest, Dependable Merchant Services Provider

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Many emerging small businesses close down or end up failing because they’re overpaying on vital services needed to run their business such as merchant services and POS systems.

If you want to add value to your business, increase revenue and attract new customers by accepting credit cards, you’ll need to work with a reputable Merchant Services provider, but it doesn’t mean you should pay high fees. It means you should always do your research and keep your eyes open for deceptive and misleading information. So here’s a brief summary of how to spot honest and reliable companies with the lowest fees and rates so that you can make an informed decision.

Offers low rates prior to asking for a current processing statement.

While banks, ISO’s and other merchant services providers ask for your current statement prior to giving you a competitive rate, JaimePOS always offers transparent pricing and fair rates without looking at your current pricing. The reason why processing companies ask for a statement prior to giving pricing is because they want to make sure they can beat your current rates but at the same time give a price just below your current pricing. This also allows them to charge higher fees on other miscellaneous items to balance out the fees they lowered elsewhere.

Offers free terminal/POS station, free setup & no upfront costs.

Many merchant services providers advertise as “Free” but attach a fee or a lease agreement to their free equipment. Make sure to ask for the paper work related to receiving Free Equipment so that you’re not stuck in a lease agreement, or end up paying miscellaneous fees for something that was supposed to be given at $0 cost to you. Here at JaimePOS we make sure to establish trust by outlining your out of pocket cost: $0 and overall payments towards the equipment $0. We don’t attach any other fees to our free equipment and even layout all our terms and conditions on our webpage. We don’t hide it on our agreements. We make sure it’s public and our customers can access this information at any time.

Locks in your processing rates.

Sadly the majority of merchant services providers lock merchants into contracts but don’t lock in their initial processing rates. This means rates will surely be increased overtime without your consent or knowledge. The majority of processing companies asking for your statement prior to offering low rates are the ones that will surely increase your rates once you’re locked into a contract. JaimePOS keeps your rates locked in and does not sneakily increase rates over time. The low rates you start off with are the same rates JaimePOS keeps in effect.

Contact JaimePOS now to get started with the best Merchant Services Provider. Receive a FREE Point of Sale Terminal or POS station & never worry about your processing rates being increased.

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