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Why Self-Service Kiosks are Good for Your Business

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Kiosk POS Terminals are the best way to keep your customers happy, keep food waste levels down, save you money, and grow your business. Self-serve kiosks give you the ability to offer a wide range of products, from food and beverages to clothing and electronics, while also allowing you to process payments in a quick and efficient manner. When customers use self-service kiosks, lines move faster, orders are accurate, and customers receive better service.

Upsell & Increase Revenue

Self-service kiosks with automated upselling increase the average ticket by 40-50%. Self-ordering kiosks do the upselling for you. Unlike employees, they can show off that delicious dessert or souvenir, giving customers a visual of what they’d get. When interacting with a kiosk, customers feel less pressured and more likely to upgrade their purchase compared to when an employee tries to upsell them.

Increase Efficiency and Profits

Give your customers the power to quickly and easily choose their items via a self-order kiosk, while increasing staff efficiency. Allow your customers to order on their own time, with increased confidence that their order will be 100% accurate. Our self-order restaurant kiosks allow your customers to quickly browse the menu and choose exactly what they want with a simplified ordering process—without costly errors that slow your kitchen down. This eliminates food-waste, as well as food comps and discounts.

Solve Your Labor Shortages

No more training, no more sick days, no more costly order mistakes, no more time off, no more employee benefits, no more lack of trust – you get the idea. When customers can enter their own order specifications and send them directly to the kitchen, accuracy and speed of service are increased, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. To top it off, your kiosk will work for less than $1 per hour!

Eliminate lines, free up employees’ time, and give customers what they want with a custom-designed experience built on Clover’s self-service kiosks. In addition to restaurant self-service kiosks, JaimePOS also provides self-ordering solutions for stadiums, casinos, amusement parks, retail locations, and micro-markets. We help businesses across a variety of industries grow.

Contact JaimePOS to get started on implementing a powerful self-serve kiosk solution that helps food and beverage establishments and other businesses increase sales, decrease expenses and improve customer experiences.

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